: utilitaires pour mac


List of software:

3DMF Viewer : View interactively and move freely through 3DMF objects.
ASCII Viewer : Display the full ASCII table and the ASCII code of pressed keys.
CPU Speed Accelerator : Increase the CPU allocated to your foreground applications to drastically increase the power of your Mac.
Desktop Web Browser : Navigate the internet and display webpages directly from the desktop of the Finder.
Differences Examiner : Compare text files and analyze their differences.
File Monitor : Be notified of modifications occurring to any kind of files.
File Properties Editor : Edit several properties of any kind of files.
Folder Backup : Back up any folder into a single disk image archive with one simple click.
Font Viewer : List, compare, try and print all installed fonts on your system.
Function Keys Mapper : Quickly open any application, file or folder with the function keys of your keyboard.
Get File Path : Copy to the clipboard the path of a file dropped on it after automatic transformations.
Internet Connection Keeper : Keep your internet connection alive so that your internet provider does not disconnect you.
IP Address Menu : Display your current IP address (and other information) in the menu bar and be notified of changes by email.
ITunes Current Song Menu : Display the song currently played by iTunes (and other information) in the menu bar and search for its lyrics.
Joystick And Gamepad Tester : Test your digital and analog USB game devices.
Keyboard And Mouse Recorder : Record and replay keyboard keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks.
Keyboard Spy : Save keyboard keystrokes in a log file in the background like a spy.
Keystrokes Pronouncer : Hear each pronounceable key you press on your keyboard.
Linked Applications Launcher : Automatically launch or quit applications when other ones launch or quit.
Mouse Distance Measurer : Measure the distance your mouse travels all day long.
Mouse Position Menu : Display your mouse position in the menu bar.
Pixel Tester : Detect any dead pixel on your screens or LCD displays.
Plain Text Editor : Edit plain text files with many options.
Screen Movie Recorder : Record in a QuickTime movie what happens on your screen.
Spelling Corrector : Check spelling in several languages.
Startup Chime Stopper : Remove the irritating chime of your Macintosh at startup.
Type And Creator Changer : Change the type and creator of any file manually or like another file.
Typewriter Keyboard : Make your keyboard play typewriter sounds or any other sounds.
Web Page Translator : Translate web pages from one language to another while you navigate.
Wide Screen Movie Player : Turn your Mac into a movie theater and view your movies full screen.
X To 3DMF Converter : Convert Direct3D X files into 3DMF files.


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