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  • What is HD?

    HD stands for “high definition”, it means much higher quality video than the old TV system we’ve been using since the 1940s. HD video is richer, clearer, and more life-like than standard TV and even DVDs. It’s a major leap that doesn’t take an expert to appreciate.

  • Is it the same as HDTV?

    HDTV is one of the first major applications of high definition video. Because HD requires so much more data than regular TV, engineers devised a way to broadcast TV signals as compressed digital information rather than directly over analog waves. They defined two video formats for HDTV called 720p and 1080i, which refer to the number of horizontal lines used to produce the image.

  • Is Vimeo HD the same as HDTV?

    Vimeo presents HD in the 720p format, exactly the same resolution (1280×720) used by major broadcast networks like ABC, FOX, and many cable & satellite providers.

  • How can I start watching HD right now?

    Visit the Vimeo HD Channel and watch any of the clips in full screen mode.

  • Can you show me a relative size comparison using nested rectangles?


    HD size comparison
  • But wait, it can’t really be HD… can it?

    Yes! It’s real, true, actual high definition. No tricks. Some other sites (we won’t name names) and even a few major media producers have been offering low resolution video as “HD” just because it’s slightly higher than the quality typically seen on video sharing web sites, hoping you won’t notice. Don’t be fooled, Vimeo HD is true 1280×720, up to 24fps.

  • Can I upload in HD right now?

    Yes. To take advantage of HD, all you have to do is upload a clip that’s 1280×720 resolution or better. Our servers will make a standard quality version first, then a little later your clip will appear in HD.

  • Can you recommend some encoding settings for HD?

    Yes. Your quota for the week is 500MB, so it’s a good idea to compress your video down from phenomenally high quality to just amazingly high quality. We recommend using the H.264 codec at size 1280×720, bit rate 3000-5000 kbits/sec (optimized for “download”), key frame every 30 frames (frame reordering on), using whatever frame rate you shot in. For sound, use AAC at 128kbps in stereo. This is what your export window should look like using Quicktime on a Mac:

    HD encoding settings in Quicktime
  • Should I deinterlace before I upload?

    It’s almost always a good idea. If you’re outputting 1080i, deinterlace and resize to 1280×720 before you upload. In many cases if your final outcome is a progressive medium (web, LCD TVs, HD-DVD, etc.) you might be better off deinterlacing before you even start editing.

  • Why is my video only 640×360?

    HD video is so big that it can’t fit in the width of a regular web page, so we show it at half size. To see the whole image, go into full screen mode by clicking the full screen button in the lower right of the player. The native size of Vimeo HD files is 1280×720.

  • What happens when I upload my HDV and AVCHD videos in 1440×1080?

    Recently, we decided to convert all HDV and AVCHD videos shot at 1440×1080 (aspect ratio 1.3333) to its correct and intended playback of 1280×720 (aspect ration 1.000). What that means in English, is that 1440×1080 videos are shot in anamorphic (wide) standards instead of 16:9, and previously those videos would appear squished upon conversion to Vimeo. This change will affect anyone uploading their videos in letterbox 1440×1080, so we recommend not to letterbox videos at that aspect ratio.

  • Can I watch HD in native 1280×720 with no scaling?

    Yep: after clicking the full screen button in the lower right corner of the player, click the button right above it to toggle scaling. Your preference will be saved for all HD videos.

  • Do I need any special software to watch HD?

    Nope, all you need is the current version of the Adobe Flash plugin, which you probably already have.

  • Do I need a fast computer?

    We’ve found that most computers made in the last two or three years (running either Mac OS X or Windows) are fast enough to play butter-smooth HD. In some cases, you may realize a major performance gain by quitting unused programs and closing extra browser windows. Our player is designed to degrade the video quality gracefully if it detects that it’s dropping frames.

  • Do I need a fast internet connection?

    Most residential cable and DSL connections should be more than adequate. If HD feels slow to load, trying turning off any background downloads or peer-to-peer sharing applications.

  • Is my monitor capable of showing HD?

    All modern computer monitors are similar in resolution to HD, if not better. Your computer is a sleeping HD beast, Vimeo will rouse it from its slumber.

  • Will Vimeo HD work with my HDTV?

    Absolutely. If you can connect your computer to your HDTV (for example, using an inexpensive DVI to HDMI adapter) Vimeo will look gorgeous in full screen, comparable with broadcast digital TV.


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