comparison of video service


imeem est le seul en H264 et resolution max 768×576


Revver : quicktime


VReel is a website currently under construction in an effort to replace the now defunct Stage6 with a viable alternative. Using a similar style to the defunct site, VReel has received a licence from DivX

Vreel : xvid


if a video is longer than 30 minutes,only a 5 minute preview is shown for web-only viewing.

To see the full video, the user has to install the VeohTV client; resolution: 540×304


Vimeo resolution=1,280×720.


Tous les autres sont en FLV ON2 VP6:


User generated video sharing

User generated sites mostly offer free services whereby users can upload video clips and share it with the masses. Many sites place restrictions on the file size, duration, subject matter and format of the uploaded video file. Most sites don’t allow nudity, though each site makes judgement calls on what qualifies inappropriate content. Some sites also flag adult material to keep it out of their public pool of content. Some sites screen all their content before it is published and others approve first and use community features to filter out inappropriate content « after-the-fact. »

Web sites in this category include:

Some sites formally review content before it is screened, acting much more like traditional television sites, but with programming which is user-generated.

There are also sites that are intended more for private sharing of videos. Among sites in this category are:

Video Sharing Platform / White Label Providers

Platform and White Label Providers sell the technology to various parties that allow them to create the services of the aforementioned « User Generated Video Sharing » websites with the client’s brand. Just as Akamai and other companies host and manage video/image/audio for many companies, these white-labels « host video content ». Many of these companies also offer their own user-generated video sharing website both for commercial purposes and to show off their platform. Websites in this category include (in alphabetical order):

Open Source Video Sharing Platforms

Web based video editing

Web based video editing sites generally offer the « user generated video sharing » website in addition to some form of editing application. Some of these applications simply allow the user to crop a video into a smaller clip. Other services have invested much time and effort into replicating the same functionality that has previously only been available via Windows Movie Maker, iMovie and other client-side applications that run outside of a web page. Some of these applications are based in AJAX and others in Flash. Some websites also offer downloadable editors but they will not be listed here due to the number of pre-existing video editors.

Websites in this category include (in alphabetical order):

Service  ↓ Alexa Site Rank  ↓ Quantcast Site Rank  ↓ Monthly Unique Visitor (US)  ↓ 3,923 812 2,209,322 433 120 8,162,650 15,415
ClickCaster 174,200 183,990 7,397
Dailymotion 29 147 7,047,041
Google Video 3[44] 296 4,800,000
GoFish 2,287 2,286 985,040
iFilm 4,018 1,437 1,600,000
imeem 146 107 9,115,420
Internet Archive 372 1,582 1,600,000
Metacafe 182 104 9,192,447
Multiply 106 3,794 694,738
OneWorldTV 36,595[44] 1,332,511 < 2,000
Ourmedia 75,830 98,644 16,253
Phanfare 26,269 8,025 322,164
PornoTube 212 2,645 921,290
Putfile 2,266 3,452 772,083
Revver 3,861 4,210 606,734
RuTube 1,261 ? 4,000,000
sevenload 1,923 12,798 192,022
Stage 6 (closed) 133 1,547 1,400,000
Tudou 174 6,553 266,022
Twango 29,462 34,129 66,381
Veoh 77 233 5,429,576
Vimeo 5,963 7,237 351,665
vMix 85,339 52,751 25,798
Vreel ? ? ?
Yahoo Video 1[44] 760 2,400,000
YouAreTV 219,208 1,330,711 < 2,000 31 52 2,353,653
YouTube 2 4 52,436,820

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    Have you seen Medioh TV? VERY cool.


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