FLV JW Media Player open source streaming embedded



The easiest way to get going with the FLV Media Player is by using the setup wizard. Select an example, set the file you want to play and copy-paste the embed code to your site! If you want to learn more, here’s the complete documentation of the FLV Media Player:

  1. All supported flashvars (variables) you can set to customize the player.
  2. All supported playlist formats you can use, plus some implementation info.
  3. A large list of all third-party plugins for the FLV Media Player.
  4. A tutorial on embedding the player in your site.
  5. A tutorial with all functions of the javascript API.
  6. A tutorial on adding captions and an audiodescription (accessibility).
  7. A tutorial on FLV encoding and video formats.


  1. mediaplayer 3.16 (04.04.2008): Added YouTube support, searchbar, midroll advertisements, hardware scaling and playlist advertisements. Fixed overstretching,rightside-playlist fullscreen issue, javascript loading of captions, image setting in config.xml.
  2. mediaplayer 3.15 (17.02.2008): Added RTMP livestream support (no progressbar and no crash when pausing), DFXP ‘dur’ tag support, MTASC compliancy and shownavigation flashvar. Fixed hardcoded prefix, RTMP ending too soon and occasional stop-after-buffering bug.
  3. mediaplayer 3.14 (15.01.2008): Added ASX playlists, fallback to FLV, recommendations, config XML, Lighttpd MP4 and stop button. Reverted from preroll/postroll/overlay album tag to just commercial.
  4. mediaplayer 3.12 (25.09.2007): Added Google Analytics and H264 support and screencolor flashvar.
  5. mediaplayer 3.10 (30.07.2007): Added bandwidth check, preroll, postroll & overlay advertisements. Renamed from Flash Media Player to JW Media Player.

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